How do I incorporate BrightSmile applications into our workflow?

You can qualify patients in-office before they walk out the door. Simply have the patient fill out the short application and submit it yourself through our simple patient portal—you’ll receive a decision in minutes, and you can then begin processing the patient’s procedure and associated charges right away! Alternatively, it’s simple for your patients to apply for a BrightSmile loan on their own using our online Patient Application.

How long will it take to receive funding for the procedure?

Once a patient is approved and their procedure date confirmed, you will receive the funds within two business days via an immediate ACH electronic transfer directly into your bank account, minus a nominal processing fee.

How can BrightSmile Financing help my business?

BrightSmile helps patients fit the cost of expensive dental procedures into their monthly budget. By becoming a BrightSmile network member, you’re able to provide services and care to a greater number of patients by making an additional, convenient payment option available from the convenience of your office. Offering patient financing is a proven way to increase both revenue and patient referrals.

Why are your approval rates so high?

We use a unique scoring system that values current income above credit history, allowing us to extend credit in proportion with the needs of individual patients and their ability to meet our simple repayment programs.

What if my patient defaults?

BrightSmile Financing is a non-recourse loan program, so you are not held responsible for the financial agreement between the patient and BrightSmile. Your procedure is funded immediately, and you owe nothing if the patient defaults on their loan.

Do you provide customer support if my staff or patients have trouble with their application?

Yes! As a network member, you and your office staff will receive complete technical and customer support, as well as any training or marketing materials you may need.

Here are a few common questions about the BrightSmile service. To learn even more about BrightSmile Financing, call 1.800.819.7122 to speak with a BrightSmile customer service representative. We’d be glad to help! Ask for a FREE demo of our Provider portal!

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