Drive More Business with Easy In-Office Financing for Every Patient!

Your patients deserve to be able to afford the medical care they need. With BrightSmile, you can offer simple, in-office financing for expensive procedures! BrightSmile may be able to approve more patients than many other financing sources due to our unique credit-agnostic platform.


Enroll in the BrightSmile Financing Provider Network

Simply fill out the secure Provider application form and become an approved BrightSmile Financing provider after a simple verification process. Once you’re enrolled in our network, list your practice in our database so patients can find you.

Qualify Patients In-Office

Use the simple BrightSmile Financing Provider portal to submit your patient’s application online and get them approved for medical financing on the spot!

Schedule Procedures

Once a patient is approved for financing, schedule the procedure with them as usual. Confirm the procedure date on the BrightSmile Financing portal in order to receive funding. Your patient will receive their monthly loan repayment plan at the same time.

Receive Funds

BrightSmile Financing's simple platform will automatically deposit the funds directly into your bank account via ACH before the procedure. This process is fast, with no cumbersome processing periods or red tape—simply confirm the procedure and receive the full funds BEFORE the procedure.
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